Тестирование уровня английского для взрослых

Если Вы хотите проверить свой уровень знания английского языка, заполните, пожалуйста, информацию о себе.

Наш тест на определение уровня знания английского языка состоит из 26 вопросов. На каждый вопрос предлагается четыре варианта ответа, один из которых является правильным. Выберите ответ, который считаете верным, и кликните мышкой в соседнем с этим ответом окошке.

Точный уровень Ваших знаний английского языка определяется по результатам устного собеседования с преподавателем нашего центра.

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    1. What's ... name?
    2. We're Chinese, we're ... Peking.
    3. Jane's ... nice and polite.
    4. ... a light?
      Do have youDo you gotHave you gotAre you have
    5. Margaret ... usually come by bus.
    6. They ... at home last night.
    7. What ... you say?
    8. Why ... crying?
      are youyou aredo youyou do
    9. Where ... to spend your holidays next summer?
      you are goingare you goingyou willwill you
    10. ... never been to the theater before.
      I'llI'mI canI've
    11. Seiko watches ... in Japan.
      are mademademakeare making
    12. Where ... when you met him?
      does he livewas he livewas he livingis he living
    13. If ... I'll tell him you called.
      I'll see himI see himI'd see himI saw him
    14. What ... since you arrived?
      are you doingwill you dodid you dohave you been doing
    15. Wine ... made in Italy for thousands of years.
      have beenis beinghas beenare being
    16. My husband ... live in Spain.
      use towas use toused towas used to
    17. If I ... I would go out more.
      wasn't marrieddidn't marrywouldn't marryhaven't married
    18. I was very ... in the story.
    19. You ... come if you don't want to.
      don't needneedn'tneedn't havedidn't need
    20. I ... see you tomorrow. I'm not sure.
    21. ... is bad for you.
      SmokingThe smokingTo smokeSmoker
    22. I ... told him if I had known he was your brother.
      hadn'twouldn'twouldn't havedon't have
    23. He ... living there for three years before they found him.
      had beenhas beenmight becould be
    24. I wish you ... all the time.
      don't shoutwon't shoutwouldn't shouthaven't shout
    25. By the time you arrive ... .
      he'll leavehe'll have lefthe leaveshe left
    26. The house ... built in the 16th century.
      might have beenmight bemight have bemight have